Hiding the Extension Methods section on MSDN documentation pages.

Hide Extension Methods on MSND

This is a small interlude from the CodeDOM series. When I look for some information about a .Net collection on the MSDN documentation pages (e.g. Queue<T>), the “Extension Methods” section often annoys me: it's very long, it's the same for each collection and it's not what I'm looking for. If I want to look at the documentation for some extension method, I go to the page for the Enumerable class, that contains all of them.

Today, it reached the point where I set out and wrote a one-liner GreaseMonkey script that hides the section. You can still click the heading if you want to look at the extension methods, for example when the class in question is not a collection.

dotnet msdn greasemonkey
Posted by: Petr Onderka
Last revised: 16 Jul, 2018 04:22 AM History


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