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Mar 18 2012

ReSharper is crazy

I really did no expect that.

c# resharper
Jan 6 2012

The music of The Old Republic

The most under-appreciated aspect of SW:TOR?

swtor games bioware starwars
Sep 14 2011

How does async work in WinRT?

Where did GetAwaiter go?

c# winrt async
Jul 24 2011

Dynamic currying: part 3

How to create extension methods?

codedom dotnet c#
Jul 20 2011

Is this null?

When can this be null in C#?

dotnet c# il dynamicmethod
Jul 2 2011

Hide Extension Methods on MSND

Hiding the Extension Methods section on MSDN documentation pages.

dotnet msdn greasemonkey
Jun 19 2011
Jun 11 2011

Dynamic currying: part 1

How to dynamically create a library to curry Func delegates.

dotnet c# codedom